Complete solution for hosting all your pictures...

A Free Photography Catalog for Personal Use

Phoseum is an application for personal use, where you can host your own pictures. During our life times, a great part of our history is told in pictures, we must build and share a perfect solution for everyone be able to share its own pictures, if they are personal or professional, you should be able to have free quality software to manage your life's history imagery musem. That's where Phoseum will help you.

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Internet should be a free medium to consume and share information. Your pictures should be visible, if you chose to, in any way you want to your friends and familiy.

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Packed of Features

  • Self Hosting

    Download, Install, Serve, Upload, Share

  • Cloud Hosting

    Find the best suitable ready image for the cloud of your preference.

  • Easy Deployment

    Simple methodology of deployment, well documented, few dependencies.

  • Social Media posting schedulers

    Built-in features to schedule postings for free, unlimited. The limit is your own hardware.

  • Easy Backup

    Complete backup system, to copy the whole storage to different places.

  • Mobile Integration

    With Phoseum mobile app you can lock the automatic upload of your pictures to your own Phoseum based cloud albums.

  • Cross device responsiveness

    Powerful application design gives you professional and modern UI/UX that works across all devices.

  • Multi-Level Security

    Multiple types of security thoughout the application, that reduces the regular script-kiddie attempts.

  • FREE

    You can make all on your own, no storage costs, no picture limits and no service costs. As Open-Source, you can tweak whatever you want with the code.

Main Tech


API based on Ruby.


Interface is made with Angular 11.


API and Frontend both are running based on Linux.


Basic Human Power.